Sunday, November 5th, 2017

 Replacement Therapies and Immune Response

 ·       Macrophage biology in health and disease

·        B cell biology and peripheral B cell tolerance

·        Self-nonself: Immediate and delayed immune response to drugs and biologics

·        Impact of microbiota and check point inhibitors in human T cell activation

·        Inhibitors in Hemophilia and treatment approaches for antidrug inhibitors

·        Effects of immune response and long term enzyme replacement therapy

·        Inhibitors and response to therapy: A tale of two diseases (Lessons from Gaucher and Pompe diseases)

·        Is lifelong prevention/treatment of inhibitor development ever possible


 Monday, November 6th, 2017

 Immune Mechanisms in Lysosomal Storage Diseases

·        Sphingolipids and the immune system

·        Lysosome and immune pathways in health and disease

·        Macrophages, inflammasome and autophagy pathways at crossroads

·        Complement pathway and novel therapeutic approaches in Gaucher disease,

·        Autoimmunity and hematologic malignancies in Gaucher disease

·        Immune dysregulation in Fabry disease

·        Introduction to osteoimmunology and Mechanisms of bone disease in Gaucher disease

·       Bone and cartilage involvement  inMucopolysaccharidoses